Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Do We Have Anxiety Attacks and What Causes Them

 What Causes Anxiety Attacks or Panic Attacks? It Seems that Panic Attacks are brought on when there is usually a serious imbalance of emotions or whenever a person doesn't fully understand exactly how to respond or cope with a particular scenario. Several good examples of events that could possibly trigger Panic attacks to occur might be a loss in the family, use of particular medications, pregnancy, divorce process, childbirth, problems with money, serious traffic accidents, losing your job, or simply any other event which could trigger strong emotions from you can cause Panic attacks.

The majority of individuals still can experience Panic attacks because of significantly smaller events and they may end up being just as bad as an individual who had experienced a distressing event. The actual causes pertaining to these anxiety attacks may be much more difficult to identify, but the good part regarding this is, you do not really need to recognize the precise cause of your Panic attacks to deal with them or to get help with them. You can take certain measures to get your life back on track and rid yourself of these Panic attacks.

Have you ever felt nervous or shakey for no reason? or were nervous to be around people? Or have you ever found it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks? if anyone answered yes to these questions you probably suffering from Panic Disorder but only your doctor would know for sure if it is indeed an anxiety attack and you should talk to him if you experience any of the above said symptoms. I know, I have suffered from these terrible and scary anxiety attacks and I will share a little of what I went through and how I beat it.

It all started when I lost my job over 1 year ago, I felt worthless and anxiety started to set in, I wondered how I was going to support my family, all our hopes and dreams that we worked so hard for were going down the drain and I felt as if there was nothing I can do about it. The Symptoms started as a little nervousness that would come and go, then it came more often until eventually it was with me all day and everyday, It was so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack and was even taken to the hospital because I thought I was. I would cry alot because of the nervousness I was feeling but came to find out that crying actually helped relieve some of the anxiety, for a little while anyway. The only way I was able to let the anxiety subside was to sleep or cry, but that just let me escape it for a little while, for when I woke again or stopped crying the nervousness of the anxiety rushed immediatley back in. After a few days of this I went to see my doctor and a nuerologist, they diagnosed me with anxiety and said I was having anxiety or panic attacks and gave me some xanax and zoloft. The xanax was to calm me down in an event of a bad anxiety attack and it worked but made me tired, you see xanax is a tranquilizer and it calms down the nervous system and helps your body and mind relax. Once the Zoloft started to kick in ( after about 1 week or so) I felt pretty good, (normal) I did not need the xanax (which is a good thing) since xanax can be highly addictive. Today my anxiety attacks and nervousness are in check with a little anxiety or nervousness once in awhile, but it's tolerable and usually goes away after about 2-3 days at the most.

I also found that getting out of the house and being around people also helped, So I started walking around the local mall and exercising. Exercising will do wonders for those who are experiencing and panic attacks, it helps relieve the stress that builds up from anxiety and there are other people at the gym so that social intervention helped more than you could imagine, it help keep your mind off the anxiety attacks. I would highly recommend joining a gym and start walking on the treadmill,running, jogging and even some lifting of light weights along with an excellent ebook to read called PaniCalm. Trust me! you'll Thank me for it because not only will it help you beat these anxiety attacks, but it will also make you look, feel and think better.. DO IT! It's well worth the small cost of the ebook.

Now I know it's not always easy to get started so what I did, was the first day I went to the gym I walked for 30 minutes and then I left, the next day 30 minutes and left, I did this for 1 week until I started to feel comfortable at the gym. I did not feel nervous or anxious and I started working out longer and longer until I reached about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. At this point I felt great! no panic attacks, nothing could stop me now, I was going to beat these Panic Attacks once and for all. Working out gave me confidence and energy, I no longer felt lazy, tired and depressed or anxious and the Panic Attacks were disappearing, Finally!

Anxiety Disorders are something I wish nobody has to go through, but those that are, stay strong and get to the gym, read the Ebook PaniCalm, take your medications (for now) and you'll start to feel better in no time and back to your normal self.

For more information on Panic Attacks and and How to help, relieve and cure the symptoms of Panic Attacks Please Read the Ebook PaniCalm, This along with an exercise program will help you kick panic disorders aside and get your life back on track fast. PaniCalm comes with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee! Try it Today and kick those Panic Attacks to the Curb. You'll be Glad You Did.